Of Interest (most likely only) to Kel

  • Jezebel ran a delightful piece about an upcoming NY Times Magazine interview with Justice Ginsburg.  While the interview covers a broad range of subject matter I found the “product of affirmative action” conversation interesting because let’s face it, affirmative action is a subject few are willing to discuss anymore.
  • Another Jezebel piece lists recent poll results claiming that animal pelts are more objectionable than the death penalty.  Really?  Yeah, polls are problematic but think about what this says about our society—animal cruelty over the death penalty. In my opinion, most people don’t really think about their view on the death penalty and whether it is suitable for those on death row.  I can’t help but think of Troy Davis, a case where the death penalty doesn’t make sense.  Thank goodness the Supreme Court postponed their “cert” decision.
  • Um, can you say scary?
  • It took me several views to see the Michael Jackson “ghost” in this video.  In the process I wasted several brain cells, but not as many as those who actually watched the whole memorial, or worse off attended it.  I have better things to do people!
  • Finally, ever wonder what weapons inmates make in prison?  The ladder/chess pieces are my favorite.

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