Likes and Dislikes

My summer externship with a Judge:

  • like the fact that I can do as little or as much work as I like.
  • don’t like the fact that I’m not writing anything, or researching a lot for him.
  • like observing court from my computer due to closed circuit viewing.
  • don’t like not knowing the acronyms the DAs and PDs use, wait I just used some myself.
  • like that I’m meeting lots of people and other interesting judges
  • don’t like those who think they’re better than law students, like I’m a threat in any way, if anything I’m pretty naive.
  • like the special badge that makes me feel important.  Hey, I can go through doors!
  • don’t like bringing my lunch everyday because court is in the middle of nowhere
  • like that my Judge jokes a lot with me and is going to allow me to work through the fall and over winter break
  • don’t like that I’m really not learning as much as I thought I would

Overall, I would recommend an externship if it’s your only option.  You really have to take control of it, make it your own, and create opportunities for yourself to make it worthwhile.  Actually, a lot of law school is creating opportunities for yourself and going after what you want.  Just do it!  You know you want to!

And, as I haven’t heard from the weekly winner #1 Kate, if I don’t hear from her before Sunday I’ll draw another name from those who entered!


3 Responses

  1. I agree so much that law school is very much about creating opportunities for yourself! Funny how that works – I think I got my T.A. position because of my interactions with the department staff before the position ever came open. Not that I was angling for that – it just worked out that way!

  2. I think it sounds pretty interesting, except for the lunch part. Poor Kate doesn’t even know she’s a winner!

  3. I’m really looking forward to a judicial externship…interesting to hear about the experience.

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