Weekly Giveaway #4

This week I’m starting to giveaway supplements people gave me.  Supplements, for all you 1Ls out there, are books designed to help you understand the rules you pull out of your casebooks.  If you search Amazon or any online bookstore you’ll find hundreds of them.

The thing about supplements is that it’s easy to become overwhelmed by them.  You order them, you see other people using different ones so you order those, you see them and think “I have to find time to read those,” etc.  I know that I felt this way, especially around finals time.

After surviving the first year, I know that I prefer Gilberts over Emmanuels, and Examples and Explanations over both of those.  However, I wish I found more time to read “E & E” as it reads more like a book than other supplements and it has problems for you to work through.

This week I’m giving away “Examples and Explanations: The Law of Torts.”  It’s a second edition, so it’s a tad older but hey, it’s free!

Look for another “E & E” book next week too!

Good luck to everyone!


6 Responses

  1. Pick me!! 😀

  2. […] other news, a woman in law is giving away stuff on her blog, check it […]

  3. I am definitely trying to win this one! Been wanting to get E&E’s for a while now, but I am completely broke. Please let this be my lucky week!!

  4. I am definitely entering this one! I have been wanting to buy E&E’s for a while now, but have been completely broke. Please let this be my lucky week!!

  5. Woohoo – I even had a post about torts earlier this week… throw my name in! 🙂

  6. I am crossing my fingers!

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