Book Buying (and Selling) Time

In terms of law textbooks, I’m one of those who buys early and used.  I try to get good used copies, ones that aren’t marked up already because I book brief so colorfully that you could frame these cases.  I know some of my classmates rent their textbooks from and I know others get the older edition of the book and print off the cases that aren’t in the older editions.  One friend told me that there were only four new cases that were different between editions in our property textbook.  I’m lazy so I just get the correct edition.

I’ve always had luck on finding used books.  This time I listed my first year books for sale and bought my fall semester books.  Because our school ends a week or two after the regular semester I always forget to sell my books back in time, not that I would get much anyway.   So I decided to save all my textbooks and list them now as so many first year students have their book lists already.  I think I’ve received about forty percent back of the books’ orginal cost, so not too bad. And I’ve sold all but one book, which I can hopefully sell to a 1L in the spring.

Overall I like buying books.  I like receiving them and seeing what they offer.  I always tell myself that I’ll start my reading early and read slowly.  Of course this never happens.  And of course the day that I pay less than five hundred for textbooks has yet to happen as well.


6 Responses

  1. Hey Kel!
    I tried to email you but I think I wrote your address down wrong.

    I’ve been moving and just today had a chance to read your blog. When you said Brandon did you mean me? Goateed1L Brandon? If so I’m ecstatic cause I never win anything! And if so thank you so much, and pass on my thanks to your dog! And congratulations on the journal, you’ll have to let us know how you like it.

  2. I’ve always bought from the bookstore…I don’t know what my books are early enough to feel comfortable ordering them online.

    • Really? We’ve had our book list up for at least a month. It was up before we could even register for classes! I buy a couple from the bookstore too, the ones that are brand spankin new that is.

  3. is my favorite place for textbooks! I usually end up buying from one or two sellers. I just wish my school would post the book lists already…

  4. Amazon is definitely good, but I’ve found that it’s just the tip of the iceberg and that there are actually a lot of good places to find cheap used textbooks. I have saved a lot of money at and I even sold back the few I didn’t want to keep.

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