To do list:

  • organize the mess that my closet is and realize that I do in fact have “something” to wear.
  • organize my law school supplies, clean the locker out, buy textbooks I couldn’t find cheaper online.
  • clean the car out and get the oil changed–if I don’t do this now it won’t get done until December, seriously.
  • study and fail MPRE–yes, fail, because I haven’t studied and do not care too, IT’S SUMMER STILL!
  • listen to some great music!  Any suggestions?
  • continue my daily yoga and wake up schedule–I’m trying to slowly pull myself together before classes begin oh so soon!

I can’t believe I have two weeks left!  Where did it all go?


One Response

  1. As far as music goes, I always have some artists/genres to reccomend

    Experimental Rock – John Frusciante (lead guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) his album Shadows Collide with People is a good album to start if you haven’t heard his solo stuff before.

    Latin American/Brazillian – They are old, but I was always a fan of Novos Baianos. Really popular in the 60s and 70s before they broke up.

    Electropop/Indie – Miike Snow’s self-titled (go to their myspace page and check out their remixes.)

    Hip-Hop – Classfied (Canadian Hip-Hop artist) relatively recent album Self-Explanatory.

    That’s what I’ve been listening to recently at least.

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