Orientate yourself?

A lovely commenter asked me to blog about what to expect from law school orientation.  Hmmm…this is somewhat difficult for me because I’m still orientating myself!  (My law school orientation posts are over here if you’re curious. In terms of garb there was also this lovely moment.)

My law school orientation was short, sweet and to the point.  There really wasn’t a whole lot of time to meet and get to know people–WHICH IS FINE BECAUSE YOU’LL KNOW THESE PEOPLE VERY WELL, ALMOST TOO WELL A YEAR FROM NOW!

Do dress business casual or somewhat professional.  First impressions make a difference and from now on you’re essentially networking with your classmates.  When law school is done and over you’ll still see these people, either in the courtroom or through CLEs, or via events.

Think before you speak! Don’t judge a book by its covers but also trust your instinct.  I didn’t trust my instinct after meeting one particular classmate and in the end I let this person hurt me.

Be yourself!  This is hard for me to say because in many ways I spent the last year “out of my skin.”  I moved from a very liberal, artistic community into one that lacks pizazz in my opinion and I conformed.  All the things I enjoyed about myself and my style have been MIA for the last year and I’m bringing them back!  I would rather be myself and be comfortable than try to be someone I’m not.  I also want people to like me for being me.  I seriously no longer care what people think of my look because I am happy with who I am.  While law school is a place where many, MANY PEOPLE, attempt fresh starts just make sure that you’re truly comfortable with the start, and personality you’re showcasing.  It’s easy to spot fakers and wannabees.

I think the best thing I can say is that like undergrad law school is a process.  With any process there are stages and you may find yourself in a stage that is frustrating, but practice your patience!  You’ll get through.  Hey! Look at me!  It’s been one hell of a year, I’m still orientating myself and overcoming a bout of depression!  If I can do it and survive to tell some tales then I have no doubt about you.

You’ll succeed if you allow yourself to.