Casenote Giveaway Extravaganza!

So when I was a 1L I tried all sorts of “shortcuts.”  You know, collecting other people’s outlines, skipping readings, reading supplements instead, and using casenotes.

A casenote or case summary is just as it sounds: a one page “briefed” summary of the case.  The companies that put them out are High Court and Legal Lines and are keyed to your textbooks.  So if you have the author Dukeminier for Property then you can buy the relevant edition High Court summaries which follow the readings in your textbook. Please note that most of these casenotes are for older editions but still have most of the same cases the newer editions have.  And if you don’t have these authors it may not matter as most casebooks have the same cases.  I know that I used the Contracts one for a different textbook and it worked fine.

I ended up NOT liking casenotes because they couldn’t be relied on and sometimes would miss relevant information the professors would ask for.

However, I did like them when it came to outlining because it was an easy way to refresh your memory on what the case was about.


I have before me 8, yes EIGHT!, different versions of casenotes for a variety of subjects and I’m giving them away.  I didn’t feel like I could include them in the weekly giveaways because they are author specific and some of them aren’t complete as you’ll see.  If you’d like one of the following please leave a comment stating which one, AND YOU MAY ONLY CHOOSE ONE, and e-mail me your address and I’ll ship them off.

Here they are:

  1. High Court Case Summaries: Property Keyed to Dukeminier and Krier-5th Edition.  (The cover is torn up as this was given to me.)
  2. Legalines: Property Keyed to Dukeminier-4th Edition
  3. Casenote Legal Briefs: Property Keyed to Cribbet, Johnson, Findley, Smith-9th Edition (These are photocopies of the majority of the book, but not in order unfortunately–but they’re free!)
  4. High Court Case Summaries: Torts Keyed to Dobbs and Hayden-4th Edition.
  5. High Court Case Summaries: Civil Procedure Keyed to Yeazell-5th Edition. (Some of the casenotes are torn out but still included-again, it was given to me this way.)
  6. Casenote Legal Briefs: Civil Procedure Keyed to Subrin, Minow, Brodin and Main-2nd Edition (All of these were torn out and put in a separate binder.)
  7. High Court Case Summaries: Contracts Keyed to Farnsworth-6th Edition. (Most of the casenotes are torn out of the book but still included.)
  8. Casenote Legal Briefs: Criminal Law Keyed to Boyce, Dripps, and Perkins-10th Edition (These casenotes cover I think pages 100-250? Just the chapters on murder as it was the only subject we really covered.  Again, they are photocopies.)

You know the drill!

Edit: Please check the other commenters first to see if your choice is already gone.  This is a first come first serve!


2 Responses

  1. High Court Case Summaries: Property Keyed to Dukeminier and Krier-5th Edition. (The cover is torn up as this was given to me.)

    thank youuu

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