Law Review: Don’t Do it!

Why didn’t ANY of you inform me how much law review sucks? Seriously, I already want to quit. Why did I ever think this would be cool?


12 Responses

  1. It sucks but it looks great on a resume. I consider it law school hazing. Must be hiring attorneys look at it on your resume and chuckle that you had to do it too. “Good grades, check! Law review hell, check!”

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more!

  3. What’s the workload like? Is it insane? Thanks again for the book, I got it last week. Gave you another shoutout on the blog to keep spreading the word! Have a good week.

  4. I have heard it’s a love hate relationship. Kind of like being married – can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

  5. I don’t know why my comments never link back to my Blog – but here is my address: – I gave a shout out for your book give-a-way!

  6. I think I might have actually said just that. Glad I did it though.

  7. What?!

    Don’t worry, you’re nerdy enough that eventually you will get excited and worked up over things like finding a non italicized comma after the “See” in “See, e.g.”

    Or was that just me…

  8. Is it a good experience for someone that wants to get into law and journalism, doing law review? When do you have to start applying for it? thanksssss!

  9. […] Some people are offering advice on how to stay out of trouble blawging. Others begin to dread the work of law review. Freshly minted-1L’s get a new definition of long-tiring day. Female law students discover […]

  10. […] than exhausting yourself for three years trying to carve out a substantive analysis blawg. Sure, it might suck, but what do you expect? You’re the fiend who was thinking about doing it in your free […]

  11. anyone who doesnt realize going into it what law review is like is either willfully ignorant or has been hiding under a rock. That being said, even knowing bad it is, you would have signed up anyway because in this economy you need all the advantages you can get.

  12. Law review does suck a little when you are a 2L, but when it’s over you will think, “It wasn’t that bad.” It’s gotten me a lot of interviews and the experience cite-checking as a 2L makes me a better brief writer. Stick with it!

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