It was hell…

So earlier this summer I announced that I made a journal, not THE journal at our school but nonetheless a journal.  For the last full week we’ve had law review training in bluebooking which isn’t all that hard, just tedious.  One would think that after a summer of not seeing each other every single day that they would be pleasant and cheery BUT NO!  Apparently I have leprosy as I’m on “that” journal and not the “better” one like them.  It was obvious in their interactions, their lack of things to say, their constant remarks about their rankings, grades and OCI applications.  IT WAS RIDICULOUS!

So, just so you know, I’m on “that” journal.

The question I keep asking myself is why, WHY I expect them to act more maturely.  You’d think maturity would be present somewhere in this so-called “professional” program.

Here’s to hoping my first day back with be better?

Weekly Giveaway #8

Hmmm…what should I give away this week that would be helpful?

To shake things up a smidge I’ll let this week’s winner CHOOSE between the following:

Contracts Law in a Flash-flashcards

Gilberts Property Law-latest edition

or Kaplan’s 1L audio CDs covering all 1L subject-matter!

So play on folks!

Weekly Winners #6 and #7

Congrats to Lawgorrea who was week 6’s winner and will receive I believe the Torts flashcards as soon as I receive his/her mailing address!

Also, congrats to Rachel who was week 7’s winner and will receive the 1L Success Outlines in the mail!

Congrats to everyone who played!  I still have many more items to give away so keep on commenting!