Back in the Saddle Again

Reading, note taking, and paying attention in law school after a long summer is not like riding a bike again.  My class reading sucks.  Seriously.  I don’t think I ever had 100 pgs of reading for one class last year.  How are we even to cover 100 pgs in two hours?  And it is the worst, boring, confusing, frustrating reading I’ve read thus far.  In fact, I looked at a classmate and admitted that outlining NOW would be a good idea–he wholly agreed.  Crap.

So, what will I change this semester in terms of my routine?  Note taking!  I am going to strive to take the best notes out there!

I also think this whole “I have mornings free to study everyday” is going to be the death of me.  I can’t see myself getting to campus early enough on a regular basis to study.

On a different note, the immaturity still runs rampant.  One would think grudges would be forgotten or forgiven but no.   It’s just another way of reminding me that THIS IS A PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM and I would be doing myself a favor to treat it as one.

Here is to hoping the rest of the week gets better!