Being Realistic

So far my law school experience has taught me a lot about being realistic.  I have several “Seriously Kel?, you think you can do all of that?” moments per day.  Yesterday I had a big one.  This semester I planned on taking six classes plus journal work.  Well, that dream was crushed due to a limit on credits a law student can take in one semester so then I was left with five classes.  Today I’m down to four and I think four will be the magic number this semester.

I think law students forget to “be real.”  It is so damn easy to get caught up in the rat race that we forget what we’re doing.  Take OCI for example (on-campus interviews).  I did not go to law school because I aspired to work for a large-ass firm, and therefore it would make no sense for me to participate in OCI.  I’ve got to stay true to myself you know. I also have no interest in bankruptcy and so I will not take that class eventhough everyone else is doing it.  Well, I ain’t everybody else!  Duh!

So there.  Be real, it may seem like common practice but we fail to use it at times.