Sunday dinner: Chicken Salad Piccata

Before law school we always cooked a feast on Sundays.  Now I’d be happy just cooking one meal a week.   I usually find my inspiration in my Everyday with Rachael Ray magazines.  For twenty dollars a year I get a huge variety of recipes, party ideas, pet recipes, and wine pairings.  It is well worth the cost.  Tonight’s meal was well worth the value of the magazine.  I love finding scrumptious recipes!

Tonight we made Chicken Salad Piccata


Not only was it an inexpensive dinner it was also simple to make with two people.  We doubled the recipe for leftovers.  The jar of capers still has enough for two or three other meals and other than the green beans and red potatoes the other ingredients are ones I usually have on hand.   It was also nice to have lemon chicken piccata without pasta for a change.



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