iPhone junkie and law student?

Have an iPhone?  Thinking of getting one?  Need justification?

Feminist Law Professors have a great post on top iPhone apps for law students and lawyers alike.

I currently have the constitution, federal rules of civil procedure, evidence flashcards, and a dictionary on mine.  And yes, I’m a nerd!


4 Responses

  1. This is why I don’t have an Iphone (that and t-mobile!). I would be downloading so many apps and spending so much time on it that I’d never have time to do any homework, let alone work!

  2. I’m always downloading apps, but they get old quick and that is when I turn to the work!

  3. Thanks for the tip!!! I must live under a rock because I’ve had my iPhone for over a year now but hadn’t discovered these apps.

  4. I use an old school phone..no internet access….to much tech for my taste!

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