You don’t have to know everything

I think we too often forget that we don’t have know everything and that law school IS THAT LEARNING EXPERIENCE.

Here are some examples:

  • If you know everything there is to two about mock trial because you did one in high school then please sign up.  Don’t look at me as if “you’ve already done that and are therefore an expert.”  And please don’t try to tell me that there is no difference between your mock trial in high school and the one I’m representing the law school on!  UGH!
  • Don’t ask for Westlaw help, have me volunteer my time to you 1L, and then tell me none of that was helpful.  I just spent a half hour showing you search methods that I used as a first year because I was trying to be helpful.  Also, don’t look down your nose at me.  I’ll remember it far longer than you think.
  • Don’t look at me as if I’m dumb when I’m asking questions in class.  Class is the reason we are all there—to learn.  If you already know the law then I suggest you move to Louisiana or Washington where you don’t need to graduate from law school to take the bar.

There are several times where I wish I could just walk around with a shirt on stating “you don’t have to know everything” so that everyone around me would stop pretending how hot shit they are.  Come on.  Do you not realize that I can see right through it?


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