Studying Torts? Confused about Res Ipsa Loquitor?

Legal Blog Watch has a great video of deputies deciding to play a person’s Wii after executing a drug warrant on the house.  I personnally can’t stand playing Wii bowling for half an hour, let alone nine hours.

Mock Trial

Our first Mock Trial competition is this week and I’m nervous.   So nervous that I may pee my pants during my opening statement.

For all of you out there that don’t know what a mock trial is I’ll try my best to explain.  It is a simulated trial where plaintiffs and defendants examine witnesses, cross-examine witnesses, and use the Federal Rules of Evidence to properly object.  We have a four person team: two play the plaintiffs while the other two play witnesses–and then we switch roles.  So I not only play “lawyer,” I also play a witness. We are judged somehow and advance depending on our score.

I decided over the summer to sign up for a Mock Trial team because I didn’t know anything about it, knew it would be a great learning experience, knew that employers might find it interesting, and knew that it would take me out of my comfort zone.  In many ways I’ve decided that law school is all about being uncomfortable and therefore if I’m comfortable I think there is something wrong.  So, now I’m on a Mock Trial team.  We compete twice: once this weekend and once in November on a different issue.  So far I RECOMMEND MOCK TRIAL TO EVERYONE!  I’ve learned so many skills from my teammates and feel that even though this is a time suck it was a great decision to make. I’m interested in hearing from others out there who have done mock trial too.  Any tips?

Now let’s hope I don’t pee my pants.