Women in Law Weekly:

As a feminist law student I read a lot on women, law, and feminist jurisprudence.  I don’t always understand what the hell I’m reading but I read it anyway.  In an effort to make this blog more substantial I am starting a weekly posting on news of women in law.  Hopefully you’ll find it interesting and informative.  🙂

  • The Third Annual Feminist Legal Theory Conference is seeking submissions.  The theme is applied feminism and “marginalized communities.”  I wish I had something to submit but on such short notice I don’t.
  • Christie Hefner: Liberal Feminist?, Capitalist Porn-Monger?, or both? Regardless of your thoughts on porn the Hefner family has had a long history of defending the First Amendment and supporting others who also strive to keep speech free in the United States.
  • The McArthur fellow recipients were recently announced and Elyn Saks, a mental health lawyer and professor at USC was one of the 24 announced.  Professor Saks’ scholarship is very much needed, especially in a legal field that thinks so traditionally at times.
  • Near Chicago in November?  Ms. JD is holding their third annual conference on Women in the Law Nov. 20-21st at Northwestern.  The conference will highlight different career paths available to women in the legal profession, the changing professional environment, and the personal and professional infrastructure that best enables women to excel.  Again, I wish I could go, but alas I must live as a poor law student.

And finally, the lesson for the week:


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