J’s Larry David Moment

As many of you know, the love of my life–J is a lawyer. He works at a small boutique firm with three other attorneys.  Yesterday one of the attorneys–“Bob” complimented him on his tie.  J usually takes his tie off before he leaves work and so he frequently leaves his ties on his desk, forgetting to take them home.

This morning when J got to work he noticed that Bob was wearing his tie.  He had to decide whether to mention it.  J called him out on it and Bob asked IF HE COULD WEAR IT FOR THE REST OF THE DAY.  Weird?  Yes!  Why? For at least two reasons:

  1. It means Bob went into J’s office and found the tie.  No one enjoys knowing  that your colleagues are snooping around.
  2. HE IS WEARING SOMEONE ELSE’S TIE!  Now, I’m not a man but I would equate wearing another person’s tie with wearing another person’s underwear.  Ties are personal.  This is not high school and I don’t know of any grown men who borrow other men’s clothes.  Strange…

The question remains: should we ask Bob to dry clean the tie?

4 Responses

  1. how funny! Now, I totally think of a tie as like a coat or a sweater – something you put on over something else, something you don’t wash every time you wear it – so having someone else wear it wouldn’t freak me out on that angle. But it is a bit odd that he went through J’s office to find it and wore it without asking first!

  2. Wow. I guess the time to have asked him to clean it would have been when he asked to wear it for the day. Unless it was a tie I particularly liked or one of only a few I own, I’d tell the guy to keep it when he tries to give it back. Hopefully, he’d hear the unspoken message. However, this guy might be thrilled and offer some sincere thanks. Your beau should ask him what he was doing in his office and why he felt okay picking up a personal item not belonging to him.

  3. Yeah, that’s a little weird. I don’t think I’d be very comfortable, knowing my colleagues were rummaging around on my desk after I’d left…
    I don’t know if it needs dry cleaning, as I know next to nothing about ties…and their proper care 🙂

  4. Too weird… I don’t think of them as underwear, per se. But definately personal. More personal than borrowing a coat, more like slipping on someone’s shirt, that hasn’t been washed.

    But weird. And awkward.

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