J and Bob part 2

So, remember last week when “Bob” took J’s tie?  Well, the next day J showed up to work slightly late and found Bob half asleep in chairs designated for J’s clients in his office.  Again J was at a loss for words and had no clue as to what to do.  So J mentioned something about how much work he had to do that day hoping that Bob would get the hint and leave BUT NO!  HE STAYED, MUMBLED SOME SORT OF CONVERSATION, AND SLEPT SOME MORE.   So AFTER AN HOUR of this J decided to go get coffee, hoping Bob would be gone by the time he got back.  Nope.

Then J decided to go to the car.  Did he need to get anything from the car?  No-but it was an excuse to try and get Bob out of his office.  Did it work?  No.

It would seem that Bob is a difficult one.


4 Responses

  1. bob sounds like he might have some mental problems. seriously.

  2. Seriously, who is this guy?! Sounds like someone from HR needs to sit down and have a talk about “proper workplace behavior”…I can’t imagine sleeping at the office at all, but let alone in somebody ELSE’S office!

  3. this is beyond weird!

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