The Scare

My Halloween fright came early this year.  At first I thought I wouldn’t mention it but after hearing how another blogger’s father had a heart attack I thought I should.

My roommate had a heart attack last week.

He, like many others, didn’t think he was having a heart attack but wanted to tell us that he wasn’t feeling well.  I’m so glad that he did because all the symptoms one supposedly has while experiencing a heart attack were there.  Because I knew that we didn’t have any aspirin in the house I quickly had J run to the store to get some while I watched the roomie.  Roomie was worried because as a student without health insurance he didn’t know what he should do.  Would it pass?  Was it essential to run to the ER?  How much would this cost?  I decided to call 911 because I was scared, didn’t know what I should do, and felt that the roomie was being stubborn in ways.  The operator had me give him an aspirin and have him chew it.  The medics arrived and he seemed to be better after the aspirin so he turned down the offer to go to the hospital.

I’m glad everything went smoothly and that he was feeling better, but I’m nervous that it could happen again.  I thought having depression my first year of law school was bad, but I suppose surviving a heart attack takes the cake.

Now I carry aspirin with me.  And I know to have someone chew it.

Yes, law school is tough.