Women in Law Wednesday

  • Telling Stories Out of Court ed. by Ruth O’Brien: explores women and workplace discrimination and sounds worth the read.  I somewhat fear the day I’ll be a full-time employee again due to subtle sexual harrassment and discrimination.  I also have an appreciation for drawing up women’s experiences outside the court to reflect what may not make it INTO or TO court.
  • Miss California’s Breast Offered Into Evidence:  Seriously?  While her breasts cannot be literally admitted into evidence it does present an interesting thought as her breasts are up for scrutiny.  I’m not necessarily surprised as women have been treated as commodities longer than I have been alive.
  • An IRAC for Sex?:  Again, not surprising however it seems the attention this craigslist ad has been receiving is mainly because it was written by a woman and reminds me of conversations I’ve had regarding the notion that women go to law school because they failed to obtain their “Mrs.” degree as an undergraduate.
  • Gender, Pregnancy, Prison: Is this an example of gender discrimination? This fascinated me and I wish I had time to read the ACLU’s amicus brief.  Thoughts?

Thoughts on any of these?