Please, allow me to rant.

Dear 1ls,

You do not have the right to be rude to other students you may not know.  When someone asks an open question and you choose to respond with an incomplete answer–DO NOT COME BACK AND TELL ME THAT I WAS THE RUDE ONE.  You should have known that your answer was incomplete in the first place and thus should have expected that I may point that out to you in response.

Further, you got into law school–big freaking deal.  Now you have to start acting professional which includes DEALING WITH CONFLICT.  FOR THE LOVE OF BABY JESUS! YOU ARE ENTERING A FIELD WHERE YOU DEAL WITH OTHER PEOPLE’S CONFLICT.  And dealing with conflict does not mean just passing off someone’s comments as being rude.

Also, you should be aware that people have different types of communication styles–so don’t take it so personally.



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