Attack of the Crazies

Yes, I am now a caffeinated zombie.  I have no fun, no sleep, and am very forgetful these days.  In two weeks enough crap will be done that I can finally get back to focusing on my coursework.  YES COURSEWORK!

Yes, I’m aware that I took on too much this semester, BUT! BUT! I know that I won’t be able to compete for jobs with the top of my class unless I have activities like mock trial and moot court on my resume.  And because law school is only three years I’ve only got so much time to find resume builders.

How about you?  What are you filling your resume with?  Or do you just not care?


6 Responses

  1. I am really struggling with this one. I want to fill up my resume but I still need to ensure I get the grades! So i’m in a moot, trying to keep up with viola playing, but failing miserably. I’ve decided just to try and make sure I make my grades brilliant!

  2. I’m the same boat as you. I didn’t do mock trial, but I did do moot court, and am interning this semester (and next semester). I definitely took on too much, but I feel the same way – I need to take advantage of every opportunity I can to get experience and to make contacts and do stuff beyond simply taking classes, to make myself stand out somehow!

  3. Hmm…I know the feeling. I’m leading a student org., but since my entire Exec board has disappeared, I don’t put it on my resume because I don’t want to have to say, “epic FAIL”… (not that I’d actually say that, but you know…)

    I’m just working away at the journal (not law review, workstudy for a journal w/o a student staff) which I think adds something to my resume. Doing an internship next spring. Joining professional organizations and community service groups like crazy.
    Network network network.
    In the words of an attorney I met today at an alumni/CLE event – “it’s who you know that gets you in the door; it’s what you know and how you distinguish yourself that keeps you there.”
    I guess I’m in between not caring and doing what I think is important. I honestly can’t think about it too long before freaking out. Seriously, a year and a half. That’s all that’s left…

  4. Well I’m just a 1L so I’m doing absolutely nothing outside of classes and hoping that I can just tell summer job prospects that I wanted to concentrate on my grades.

  5. Ugg, I have spent the last two weeks working on projects and neglecting course work. Who ever said that 3L year is easy lied their ass off.

    I am, however, looking forward to the craziness that is about to ensue. Poor 1L’s that haven’t had an exam yet will have that catatonic look through the hallways. 2l’s on journals and moot courts desperately trying to finish assignments before jumping on outlines. And while my work is primarily due to my own overloading from other sources, the crack up that I am sure I will have because of noise in the library. As an observer of my behavior from the outside, it is hysterical at how smack down I get the closer to exams. Stay tuned.

    By the way, love the blog!

  6. I’m not at the top of my class, and I never will be. I’ve decided to just take on activities I actually want to do. I figure, doing extra-curriculars I don’t like aren’t going to make such a difference that I will go from being me (mediocre) to AMAZING in the eyes of any firm. Perhaps it’s a bit naive, but I say, focus on what you really like and get experience in that, and when you interview for jobs, the sincerity of your interest should come through.

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