Going Up Against Your Peers

Last year, as a 1L, it didn’t bother me to think I was “competing” for things against my peers.  This year it does.  To clarify, I’m not talking about the majority of my class.  I’m talking about my friends and classmates that I truly respect as human beings.  Yes, I consider most law students to be far from human sometimes.

For example, I have an interview next week and I know that three close friends also have the same interview.  While I want them to do well I can’t help but want to do better than them.  I didn’t even tell one friend that I too have an interview because I didn’t want her to know—and I have no good reason for not telling her.  In fact I think I’ll tell her.  It’s just an odd experience all around.

In other news, I made another Mock Trial team which means after my 2L year I will have done three mock trial competitions and one moot court competition.  My resume doesn’t need any more competitions!  Wish me luck this weekend!  We’re traveling to our second mock trial competition  and we’re nervous.  Also, my cross examination will need all the luck it can get!



2 Responses

  1. Luck! 🙂

    I so completely understand this. I am in the process of applying/interviewing for field placements for next semester and I know that I applied the same places as a couple of my friends. I know they would like to work there, so I want them to do well. But I want to work there too, so I hope I do better. It’s a weird feeling…

  2. […] at the proposed changes to the Federal Rules of Evidence, and found a few possible problems. 2L Kel expressed her worries over having the same job interview as her friends, and felt that her resume was chock full of competitions. Minnesota ‘11 Jansen took his dog, […]

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