Motivate moi!

I am currently enjoying a warm cup of chai and catching up on all things within the webisphere.  It’s nice, however it is almost gone.  I have another two and a half weeks until I am done with fall semester but my mind thinks it’s already done.  In fact, I have done nothing productive for the last few days unless you count planning Thanksgiving, listing books to sell on Amazon, shopping on ebay, and cleaning house as productive.  My facebook farm has also been kept up–would this count?

I have so many little things to do that I think I’ve lost count of them all.  All I know is that I want my motivation back!  And not just any motivation, but that motivation I had prior to law school–the kind that pushed me to want to be the gunner!  That annoying motivation!  I want to be Hermione, I want to run up the stairs like Rocky, I want to love law school right now!  But I can’t, and now my chai is gone.