But my dogs are the best

I’m a dog person.  Always have been, always will–why?  Because I’m allergic to cats and dogs are cuter.

I can’t really remember a time in my life when I didn’t have a dog.  There was Misha, Mouser, Charlie, Missy, Bingo, Bruno, Spot, Frank, Clyde, Daisy, Olive, Ocean, Pixel, Pepper and my two current pooches Guiness and Porter.  Yes, that is a lot of dogs–but growing up on a farm means you always take in the strays.

Lately, Guiness, my oldest and largest pooch, has been sick.  We hope it is a curable staph infection and we hope he starts feeling better soon. So, because I finished a book last night, I decided to read From Baghdad, with love: a Marine, the War, and a dog named Lava.  It’s a short, quick read and a wonderful story for those who have animals around.  The book is even free to read via Google Books.  And after reading it,(yes, I’m a fast reader) I was looking for updates on Lava and found another interesting little news piece on stray dogs in Moscow.  I find it humorous that people get on the trains in the morning and find snoozing pups also going into the city.  Knowing me, I’d probably take them snacks everyday or better yet find them homes.

Someday I’ll have that dog camp and be the canine version of a crazy cat lady…someday. 🙂


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