Women in Law Wednesday

Today I’d like to again take a break from Women in Law because I’m busy studying myself into a frenzy so that I can be a woman working in law.

Recently Above the Law had the “All You Ever Wanted to Know About Law School Exams” post.  I haven’t read it but I most likely will before my first exam.

I also have my first multiple choice exam so I read this post on Cali Radio which also has other info on how to take a law school exam.

Just to provide another exam taking link, I did a quick search on the book “Getting To Maybe” which is a great book for learning how to take a law school exam.  I found this article from Virginia Law on why law students should take “the forks in the road” approach to exams.

I hope these help.  Are there any links out there that you’ve found helpful?

Well, I’ve got to get back to hearsay, immunities, and my favorite–corporations!  UGG!