Why I hate finals

  • you never feel like you’ve studied enough,
  • you feel like you have to keep your outline to yourself and no one else
  • you tend to smell and wear outfits that should not be worn out in public
  • people try to freak you out by telling you things to study that weren’t covered in class
  • you’re in the library more than anyone should be
  • you gain weight due to eating the shittiest food known to man
  • you also spend too much on that crappy food
  • you lose touch with humanity
  • you end up looking and sounding like a zombie
  • you finally decide that becoming a zombie would be better than taking your exams

4 Responses

  1. so true.

    and why i hate fall semester finals? b/c it steals away the joys of the holiday season.

  2. at least if we were zombies, we’d have really great employment prospects in the film industry, what with this weird zombie obsession people seem to have…

  3. We have a strong outline sharing culture. Usually, someone makes a massive outline, feels like its a waste once the exam ends, and then passes it on to the next generation.

  4. […] tough, he felt fortunate. 2L Kel shared a few reasons why she hated finals, one of which was the good chance that she would end up looking and sounding like a zombie. Austin ‘11 New Law Mom had a few thoughts about criminal procedure and what one definition […]

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