spending the day on Twitter and writing her law review note.


Yes, YOU? Make me jealous with your comments!


6 Responses

  1. going to the post office to mail last minute presents, even though I still have 2 to buy…
    going to the law school to pick up a bajillion ILL books so I can start cite-checking an article for work…
    organizing my bookshelves…
    hoping to work out…a bit of a pre-New Year’s Resolution kickoff or something?

    Thrilling, I tell you.

    • I have yet to buy any gifts! And it feels good! I have always hated that “I have to buy you gifts?” feeling when I only hear from some of these people once a year–and that time is right before Christmas! UGH!

  2. Watching the Skins/Giants game with some wine at my parents’ place and saw Avatar today. Beyond that, ain’t got nothin I’m afraid.

  3. Studying for my final exam…

  4. Not a whole hell of a lot, though I did go shopping (for me), and found nothing. Hope you got a lot done on your note!

  5. You’ll be happy to know that while you were working on your LR note, I was taking my CivPro final. 😛 We were two miserable peas in a miserable pod.

    And now, thank God, I’m on the couch with my tea and netbook, and Ren & Stimpy on the tube. Woot!

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