Women in Law Wednesday

Yeah, yeah.  As usual I’ve been slackin’ on the blogging.  If you knew what I was up to I think you’d slack too. 🙂

  • Who’s that Girl?:  Young Lawyers Blog’s wlansden discusses an experience that I too have gone through (and I’m not even a lawyer yet).  I’m still learning how to respond to similar questions and how to call-out the men who ask such absurd questions.  For some reason I’m always asked if I’m a reporter.
  • Elena Kagan, a name you should know.  As the first female Solicitor General Elena Kagan has been put in the spotlight recently due to clothing.  Seriously.  NPR had a great story on Kagan’s rise to her new position and discussed what she should wear before the Supreme Court as a lady.  Yes, it’s a little funny but these questions are never posed to men.
  • Court Martialed for getting pregnant? This is a story I’m keeping my eyes on to see how the arguments are framed.  For more information I recommend this post over at Feminist Law Profs as well.  What about rape? Or are we as a society still in denial that our soldiers rape women.
  • Lawyer at 47 still lives with her parents: Again, this ain’t new people.  In fact, Italian men have been constantly stereotyped as being “mamas’ boys.”  Yes, concerned friend, accept it and move on.  Could it be that she is just working on her footprint by saving space and living with others who just so happen to be her parents?  At this rate, my father will live with me too at 47.  In fact, he’ll probably drive J away. 🙂
  • Top Ten Wins for Women in 2009: Because the women’s movement has yet to die.  🙂

Happy Wednesday!

My Hot and Cold of the Day

  1. Read this short piece.
  2. Tell me whether the economy persuaded you to apply for law school.
  3. And then tell me whether you’d sit on your arse for a year and be paid to do so.  Seriously.

While I’m all for our society educating itself as much as possible (if only to rid us of that horrible “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader” show) I have to admit that I don’t want the legal gates flooded with applicants.  It’s boils down to basic economics–more qualified applicants means that you’re apt to find one that will take lower pay.  And while I’m not in the legal field for the pay I do feel that my work is worth the pay given to attorneys now.  And that is my hot and cold of the day.