My Hot and Cold of the Day

  1. Read this short piece.
  2. Tell me whether the economy persuaded you to apply for law school.
  3. And then tell me whether you’d sit on your arse for a year and be paid to do so.  Seriously.

While I’m all for our society educating itself as much as possible (if only to rid us of that horrible “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader” show) I have to admit that I don’t want the legal gates flooded with applicants.  It’s boils down to basic economics–more qualified applicants means that you’re apt to find one that will take lower pay.  And while I’m not in the legal field for the pay I do feel that my work is worth the pay given to attorneys now.  And that is my hot and cold of the day.


3 Responses

  1. The economy had nothing to do with my decision to go to law school, really. But then again, Summer 2007 was a different time. Yes, absolutely I’d take the money. I’d still DO something so as not to go crazy or become stupid, but I’d take it.
    I probably won’t have the option, since I’m probably not going into the private sector, but still…

  2. I’d take the money too. I’d read, cook, and volunteer–which sounds like perfection to me.

    Yeah, 2007 was a different time. I just hope a year from now things will be different too.

  3. […] Jeremy managed his energy, not his time. 2L Kel linked to an article and wanted to know what her readers’ law school motivations were. Austin ‘11 New Law Mom shared a few second year law truths, like how wine tastes good and […]

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