A Monday dose of satire

Received as an e-mail here are the “11 Shortest Books to Greet the New Year with:”
1. How I Saved the World from Financial Ruin by Alan Greenspan
Foreword by Naomi Klein
Research assistance provided by the CEOs of Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, AIG & GM
Graphs by Enron
2. Philosophical Treatise on the Illegality of Water Boarding and Other Torture Techniques (with bonus Zen poem) by  Donald Rumsfeld
Epilogue by Antonio Taguba
3.  My Secret Formula for Capturing Osama Bin Laden by Condoleeza Rice
4.  How to Tell the Plain Truth by Russ Limbaugh
5.  The Tomes I Read after I Quit Being Governor; or, How Not to be Tina Fey’s Doppelganger by Sarah Palin
6.  Ways  to Sneak into Your Own Home Without Much Ado by Skip Gates
Photos and Illustrations in vivid color by James Crowley and Barack Obama
7. Jingoism Without Tears by Glen Beck
8.  Fond Thoughts About My Erudite Husband by Laura Bush
To be archived in the George W. Bush Presidential Library
9.  Universal Healthcare Plan for Dummies by Joe Lieberman
With grateful acknowledgement of Michael Moore’s Sicko
10. 3 Tips on How to be a Sharp Shooter and a Peaceable Man by Dick Cheney
Commendatory Preface by Valerie Plame
Jacket Blurbs by Karl Rove and Scooter Libby
11.  Presidential Wisdom: How Not to Choke While Eating Your Pretzel and Viewing the Iraq War on Fox News At the Same Time by George Bush

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