Reason #$%@! why law review is ridiculous

I’m sure there are plenty of journals out there that provide a positive, learning experience.  Mine is not one of them.  We are just now getting feedback on our bluebooking.  It would have been nice to get this feedback months ago and not now when I really could care less.  Further, how well we bluebook is considered in our editor applications.

I blame the leadership.


Women in Law Wednesday

So I’ll admit, my life is busy right now.  But I recently learned a few gems about my school that frustrated me.

First of all I attend a state publicly funded law school.

Second, this school has several clinic programs, law review, and an invitation only moot court program.

My frustration lies in the fact that I’ve heard or have been told that each of these programs tries to balance between the number of men and women.  Specifically, that men are chosen over more qualified women because men have to be represented.  Excuse me?

I have a male friend who was specifically told that he was chosen for a sought after clinic position because they needed men.

I also have a male friend who was specifically told that he was chosen for the moot court program because men needed to be represented.

It’s also time for law review positions and a male friend of mine was told he would be guaranteed a position because men rarely apply and need representation.  Excuse me?  I worked my ass off to get to this point.  I’m already underrepresented in law school and now my school is denying opportunities to women because we’re more qualified or too many of us apply?

I find this very disturbing yet I’m not in a position where I can confirm it.  If men don’t want the positions why bother making sure they’re represented?  Ridiculous.  Absolutely stupid!

Time suck

Today I have spent a considerable amount of time organizing my new computer.  When I purchased my MacBook I bought the One to One service which takes everything off your old computer and puts in on the new one.  I told them the problem with my old one, that the memory failed, and they told me that it wouldn’t be a problem.  Well, it turned out to be a problem.

The Apple techs must like easy streamlined work because they couldn’t pull the data off my old computer and transfer it.  So I asked for a refund went over to a computer store, purchased the device I needed for  $25 and have been pulling the data off myself.  It’s not hard to do, it just takes some time.  And now I have to organize it all on the new Mac.

So far, the PC to Mac switch has been extremely easy.  And fun. 🙂


I became the proud owner of a Mac. 🙂

Now I just need recommendations for what or how I should organize my law class notes.

Or just cool Mac tips in general.

Women in Law Wednesday

Today I’m going to depart slightly from the norm and just say that I’m overwhelmed with journal work right now. I’m attempting to be one of the few women to get her article published with the theme actually incorporating discussions of feminism. I have a feeling that my law school journal will reject it though. I’m thinking that in my attempt to be bold I’ll be too bold and they’ll want to remain conservative.

Oh to be a courageous woman.

It’s Sunday

and I have way too much stuff to do today. Instead I’m planning a vacation. I’m sick of reading about far away places without the possibility of visiting.

I’m thinking London, because to me it’s the most romantic city I’ve been to. And J could improve in that area considering his idea of romance is watching documentaries and interpreting financial reports. Oh well…

Resolutions anyone?

I start classes again on Monday.  Yes, Monday, as in two days from now.  My break of working in pajamas in bed is over and as usual I’m not looking forward to next semester.  I’m taking 17 credits and working three days a week for a split docket judge.  I also have a mock trial competition that I’m not getting any credit for.  So all this work has me thinking about my New Year resolutions:

  • stay away from the Facebook–I spend way too much time on here and I really don’t need to know any of it.  I’m sure if it’s important someone will tell me
  • work out-that muffin top of mine needs to be gone, if only so I can wear my favorite spring chinos
  • kick my Starbucks habit–I spend way too much on coffee and kicking this habit will also kick excess calories
  • walk my dogs more–they deserve it
  • say less–I say too much at times that really does not need to be said.
  • travel home–if only to remember that I have an accent, that dirt floors are real, and swear words are expected in every sentence.

I think those are reasonable and realistic.  And if everything works well I’ll have more time to hopefully stress less. You?

Happy New Year

Dear friends,

I wish you all the happiness in this new year. I say this while in bed, with sniffles, and watching my very own Jane Austen marathon. J is with me too, although he isn’t watching Jane Austen’s finest put to the screen, he is instead providing running commentary such as, “What if the Kool-Aid man was a gentleman. Would he have to wait for the door to be opened before making his remarks?” (Yesterday he asked me if I thought the firewood at Whole Foods was organic.) Enjoy your day and new year!