Resolutions anyone?

I start classes again on Monday.  Yes, Monday, as in two days from now.  My break of working in pajamas in bed is over and as usual I’m not looking forward to next semester.  I’m taking 17 credits and working three days a week for a split docket judge.  I also have a mock trial competition that I’m not getting any credit for.  So all this work has me thinking about my New Year resolutions:

  • stay away from the Facebook–I spend way too much time on here and I really don’t need to know any of it.  I’m sure if it’s important someone will tell me
  • work out-that muffin top of mine needs to be gone, if only so I can wear my favorite spring chinos
  • kick my Starbucks habit–I spend way too much on coffee and kicking this habit will also kick excess calories
  • walk my dogs more–they deserve it
  • say less–I say too much at times that really does not need to be said.
  • travel home–if only to remember that I have an accent, that dirt floors are real, and swear words are expected in every sentence.

I think those are reasonable and realistic.  And if everything works well I’ll have more time to hopefully stress less. You?