Women in Law Wednesday

So I’ll admit, my life is busy right now.  But I recently learned a few gems about my school that frustrated me.

First of all I attend a state publicly funded law school.

Second, this school has several clinic programs, law review, and an invitation only moot court program.

My frustration lies in the fact that I’ve heard or have been told that each of these programs tries to balance between the number of men and women.  Specifically, that men are chosen over more qualified women because men have to be represented.  Excuse me?

I have a male friend who was specifically told that he was chosen for a sought after clinic position because they needed men.

I also have a male friend who was specifically told that he was chosen for the moot court program because men needed to be represented.

It’s also time for law review positions and a male friend of mine was told he would be guaranteed a position because men rarely apply and need representation.  Excuse me?  I worked my ass off to get to this point.  I’m already underrepresented in law school and now my school is denying opportunities to women because we’re more qualified or too many of us apply?

I find this very disturbing yet I’m not in a position where I can confirm it.  If men don’t want the positions why bother making sure they’re represented?  Ridiculous.  Absolutely stupid!