Reason #$%@! why law review is ridiculous

I’m sure there are plenty of journals out there that provide a positive, learning experience.  Mine is not one of them.  We are just now getting feedback on our bluebooking.  It would have been nice to get this feedback months ago and not now when I really could care less.  Further, how well we bluebook is considered in our editor applications.

I blame the leadership.


2 Responses

  1. Ugh, that’s frustrating to say the least.

    BTW, if you didn’t know already, you’ve been linked into my bLAWg Roll at Happy weekend! (Hopefully it doesn’t entail bluebooking.)

  2. I think Microsoft (or google) could bank if they created a spell-check-like “blue book check” for lawyers. Hit a button and it gives suggestions…

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