I hate how political things become in law school. I’ve become scrappy, and while it is a nice change, it makes me nervous. I don’t do well biting my tongue.

Women in Law Wednesday

So I’ve been working for a Judge this semester, a female Judge with an all female staff.  There are two externs: myself and another 2L John. The two of us are basically competing for a clerkship here as this Judge only hires from her extern pool.  And I have the feeling that I lost that clerkship opportunity even before I began working here.  Why?  John is nice to look at.  Seriously.

So while I continue to get a great deal of criticism over my hard work (work that I receive no guidance on whatsoever) all I hear about is how funny John is.

And then there is the part about John having worked as a paralegal for years before law school, so again I feel like I am at the bottom.  That I would be considered the “scraping the bottom of the barrel” if hired.

This whole experience actually made me want to extern for men so that I could bank off my sexuality.  And then I got mad at myself for thinking that.  I’m beginning to dislike the “hiring” world.  I’m beginning to hate the fact that being a woman complicates everything.