It is what it is

70 plus hours a week broken down:

classroom hours = 15

work hours = 30

study hours = 15 (at least)

law review hours = 3

extracurricular crap to add to the resume = 4

responding to e-mail = 2

Advice?   Learn to appreciate the phrase “it is what it is” because it is exactly that.


long time gone

Remember the Dixie Chicks?  They have this song called “Long Time Gone” and it is just the perfect song for the moment.

I’ve been missing in action here for way too long.  Why? Time and life.  So, please allow me to catch you up on all things Kel.  You may want to sit down, or scroll down to the end.

In March I starting to realize that my relationship with J wasn’t what I wanted.  After some soul searching and a Barrister’s Ball gone wrong J broke up with me.  He accused me to cheating on him, even though I never did and never would have.  So I moved out and in with a classmate.  Then I moved out of her place and in with another classmate where I am at now, currently lying on the floor staring at the ceiling and typing this as soon as it comes to mind.  Writing has always freed me.

It’s not easy ending a four year relationship.  And it definitely isn’t easy learning that the man you’re with, that you were engaged to, is no longer the man you want to be with and no longer a good fit for you.  He won’t talk to me.  And there are days when I miss our friendship so much I silently cry.

Then, because I’m not the sharpest knife in the block, I started a relationship with someone else who was also completely wrong for me.  But he taught me a lot about myself and I am grateful for that and ready to move on.

In between I’ve worked for two law firms, one of which I’m still working for, and began my last year in law chool.

People say that law school sucks the life out of you.  I believe this is true.  I no longer am the person I was five years ago.  My brother even told me that my hippie status had been revoked.  So, I’m back to writing.  Maybe it will bring me back to me.