Thanks for clicking through.  I primarily blog about my law school experience.  I’m also beginning to explore more on women and law and what is meant by feminist jurisprudence.  I love finding new reads so if you have a blog you think I’d enjoy or manage one yourself, then please, send the link my way.

Oh, I used to blog over at http://www.awomaninlawschool.blogspot.com.  I moved to wordpress because it just feels better here.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Kel! I enjoy reading your blog – have been for a while. I too decided to get a WordPress Blog. http://rosyinlaw.wordpress.com/

    Feel free to link!

  2. Hi, I enjoy your blog and love the female/feminist slant!
    I am a professional, feminist, educated WAHM, working for a WAH(lawyer)M who was pushed from her firm after having a baby. Her blog post below has a link to a TV interview segment talking about her successful business. Check it out.

    Feel free to link!

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